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Grants and Awards

Currently Active

2016 - The effect of neural-vascular coupling changes on cognitive performance in multiple sclerosis (NMSS)

2015 - BOLD and its discontents: Age-differences in the neurophysiology of fMRI signal (NIH# R01AG047972-01A1)

2014 - Meadows Foundation Endowed Chair (Bart Rypma)

Past Awards

Hemodynamic Response Function Changes in Multiple Sclerosis - NMSS

2013 Faculty Research Initiative (Bart Rypma and Ryan Brigante)

2013 Undergradate Research Award (Kristen Deupree)

2013 Dianne Cash Graduate Fellowship (Nick Hubbard)

2012 and 2013 Friends of BrainHealth Distinguished New Scientist Award (Nick Hubbard)

Aging of working memory: Biophysical, neural, and cognitive components - National Institute on Aging (NIH # 5R01AG029523-02)

2010 Friends of Brainhealth Distinguished New Scientist Award (Ilana Bennett)

2009 Friends of Brainhealth Distinguished New Scientist Award (Mary Jo Maciejewski)

Attention and executive function in the cortical and subcortical circuitry of Gulf War Veterans ñ Veteranís Administration Large Grant

A pattern-based analysis of neural mediators of working memory deficits in Autism

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