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Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest in research exists when a financial or other interest may compromise, or appear to compromise, the design, conduct, or reporting of research. The Research Conflict of Interest program at the University of Texas at Dallas functions in part to fulfill requirements in federal law that federal funding recipients maintain and enforce a policy governing research conflicts of interest, and to inform individuals of this policy. The RCOI program also provides a framework for investigators to protect the integrity of their research by identifying and disclosing situations that may pose a conflict, and working with the Office of Research Compliance to manage such situations.

University Policy: UT Dallas is committed to ensuring its faculty an open and productive environment in which to conduct teaching and research. The university's concern with conflict of interest reflects the ever-increasing complexity of our society, our various relations with each other and with outside institutions, along with the heightened national and governmental sensitivity to such matters. UT Dallas takes the position that faculty and researchers can participate in situations involving potential conflicts in conjunction with appropriate supervision and monitoring by the University. The guidelines and principles articulated in UTD conflict policy balance the professional autonomy of investigators inherent in the self-regulation of research with the institutional responsibility UT Dallas accepts to know what conflicts might exist at the University and to manage, reduce, or eliminate those conflicts.

Disclosure Portal: The Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure allows faculty, staff and students of UT Dallas to comply with federal, state and UT System rules regarding conflict of interest and commitment. In particular, this system is designed to allow users to simultaneously comply with the disclosure and approval requirements of University of Texas Systemwide Policies 175 and 180. Please contact the Conflict of Interest Manager if you are unsure whether you need to submit a disclosure or approval request.

Policy Training: The Office of Research Compliance offers policy training courses for faculty and researchers to comply with the requirements of UT System and the U.S. Public Health Service. Please contact the Conflict of Interest Manager if you are unsure whether you need to complete COI training.

Research Integrity Committee (RIC): The RIC is responsible for the review of research conflicts of interest on behalf of UT Dallas. The Conflict of Interest Manager administers the process by which the RIC reviews potential research conflicts of interest and approves Research Conflict of Interest Management Plans.

FAQ & Resources: Please visit our FAQs for answers to many common questions about conflict of interest policy or procedure.

Our Case Studies also provide situational examples that illustrate the kinds of relationships that involve activities and interests that require action under UTD policy.

Please contact the Conflict of Interest Manager if you are unsure whether you need to complete COI training.

Conflicts of interest may also exist when a financial or other interest may impair or influence an individual’s judgment in performing his or her duties and responsibilities on behalf of UT Dallas other than research. These conflicts may arise in situations involving the negotiation and approval of contracts agreements between UT Dallas and outside entities, procurement processes, and other financial transactions. For more information regarding conflicts of interest that are not related to research at UT Dallas, please contact the Office of Compliance.


Conor Wakeman
Conflict of Interest Manager

Sanaz Okhovat
Assistant Vice President of Research Compliance