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Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure

The Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure Form is designed to allow users to simultaneously comply with the disclosure requirements of University of Texas Systemwide Policies 175 and 180, as well as federal regulations and state laws. Please visit our University Policy page for more information on these policies.

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure Form
Disclosure Instructions

Step 1: Complete Policy Training

Step 2: Verify that your Personal Information is correct.

Step 3: Indicate which of the listed institutional responsibilities you conduct on behalf of UT Dallas.

Step 4: Indicate whether you have an outside interest or activity that you need to disclose.

Step 5: Add or update an Entity Disclosure for each business, nonprofit or government entity in which you hold an outside interest or with which you conduct outside activities. Each Entity Disclosure will allow you indicate all of the interests you hold or activities in which you participate with that entity.

Note: If you are requesting approval for a new outside activity, you should select the type of interest (e.g., salary, travel reimbursement, equity) you will receive as compensation for the activity and then indicate the value as ‘$0-4,999’. This will allow you to access the section of the Entity Disclosure by which you can request prior approval for the activity from your Approval Authority.

Step 6: Complete the disclosure certification and submit your disclosure.

The Entity Disclosure will be reviewed by the Conflict of Interest Manager for the possibility of a conflict of interest. If you requested approval for an outside activity, the Entity Disclosure will also be reviewed by your Approval Authority for the possibility of a conflict of commitment.

Please view our instructional video if you would like detailed, step-by-step instructions for completing your disclosure form.

Do I need to submit a disclosure?

The Conflict Disclosure Form must be used by all individuals who conduct research at, or on behalf of, UT Dallas to comply with the requirements of UTS 175. The form must also be used by UTD faculty and research employees who:
  1. Are responsible research conducted at, or on behalf of, UT Dallas that is supported by external funding (e.g. grants, contracts, gifts);
  2. Have a conflict of interest related to their institutional responsibilities at UT Dallas; and,
  3. Need to request approval for an outside activity that requires prior approval as articulated in the policy on Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside Activities.

Student researchers are only required to complete the disclosure form if they have a conflict of interest to report.

Please visit our Case Studies page for situational examples that illustrate the kinds of relationships that involve outside activities and interests that require action under UTD policy. Please contact the Conflict of Interest Manager if you have questions about completing your disclosure. For technical assistance with the portal, please contact the Research Help Desk.