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Training Handouts

The handouts below are supplemental materials for the hands-on Biomethodology and rodent surgery workshops provided by the Office of Research Compliance each semester.

Rodent Biomethodology Handouts

Rat Biomethodology

Mouse Biomethodology

Rodent Surgery Handouts

Application of Rodent Aseptic Surgery Technique

Principles of Rodent Aseptic Surgery

Principles of Veterinary Suturing

Recommended Surgical Analgesic Protocols for Mice and Rats

Draping Technique for Stereotaxic Surgery

Anesthesia Considerations in Rodent Biomedical Research

Breeding and Genotyping Handouts

Tips for Successfully Breeding Your Mice

Toe Clipping in Mice

Tail Clipping in Mice

Breeding Troubleshooting Questionnaire

Regulatory and AAALAC Accreditation Handouts

Navigating through the Regulatory Milieu in an Animal Care & Use Program

Benefits of AAALAC International Accreditation


If you have any questions about the training or handouts, please contact Conor Wakeman.