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Tech on Tap

Technology on Tap, in the tradition of a science pub, offers many benefits for scientists and experts who speak at a presentation at Trinity Hill. We are always looking for researchers who wish to present their research. If you are interested, please email Beth Keithly to discuss scheduling.

Scientists and other experts have found that science cafés allow them to:

  • Educate the public about the scientific research they are involved in
  • Enjoy thought-provoking discussion in a casual venue
  • Find out what public reaction is to their research
  • Share their enthusiasm for science
  • Represent their institution and helping to achieve its outreach goals
  • Practice their communication skills in a relaxed setting

Some tips for Tech on Tap speakers:

  • Introduce your topic with a clear, straightforward story. Include personal details whenever possible, such as what attracted you to the topic, a humorous anecdote, an unexpected outcome, and so on. Your audience will appreciate knowing about your connection to the topic
  • You'll have about 30 minutes to do your presentation, with lots of Q&A and discussion afterwards
  • If you want to practice your presentation beforehand, don't do it alone at your desk! Remember, this is not meant to be a formal occasion. The more off-the-cuff your presentation, the better
  • There will be noise – not everyone at the venue is there to listen and they will continue their conversations
  • Come prepared with open-ended questions for the audience. This will help get them audience engaged right away
  • Use plain language. There is no need to "dumb down" your presentation, but avoid jargon and technical expressions.
  • Go with the flow—relax, be yourself, and have fun!
  • Focus on the SO WHAT of your research. In other words, why should the audience care about your research? You should present your topic in a personal and engaging ways that allows the audience to develop a personal connection to what they are hearing