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Research Awards (Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2015)

In 3rd quarter FY15 (March 1, 2015 through May 31, 2015), the Office of Research assisted faculty with 177 proposals. During this same period, there were 23 research awards processed through the Office of Research.

The total research dollars awarded to the University through proposals submitted or contracts negotiated by the Office of Research and gifts designated for research in 3rd quarter FY15 is $6,326,589. This total does not include any cost share amounts. Each School contributed to this total as follows:

Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Engineering and Computer Sciences 

Economic, Political & Policy Sciences

Natural Science and Mathematics

Research Gifts

The Office of Research also processed 51 contracts that did not involve funding (e.g., Material Transfer Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, etc.).

DISCLAIMER: Office of Research uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information based on the specific requests that we receive. The numbers/amounts listed are accurate as of the date the report was provided. The amounts are the total expected award and do not take into consideration funding cuts, stop work orders, transfers, or de-obligations. Some of this information may be currently in an administrative process and is subject to change or verification. You should verify accuracy of this information with your department’s records. Due to sponsor restrictions, some qualifying awards may not be listed below.

Faculty Research Awards

The following are awards that were made prior to 3rd Quarter FY15 but received by The University after February 28, 2015:

Khan, Latifur,, ATD: Efficient Online Detection Based on Multiple Sensors, with Applications to Cybersecurity and Discovery of Biological Threats, American University: $110,302

Berry, Kenneth, UT Dallas Capstone Engineering Camps, Texas Workforce Commission: $94,210

Minary, Majid, SBIR I: Atomic Force Microscope Probes with Integrated Resonant Strain Gauges, Femto Scale, Inc.: $48,064

Rennaker, Robert, The Knob Supination Task: A Sensitive Test of Corticospinal Function in the Rat, Burke Cornell Medical Research Institute: $30,600

The following are awards over $100,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from Federal sponsors between March 1, 2015 and May 31, 2015:

Palmer, Kelli, Genome Defense and Acquired Antibiotic Resistance in Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium, National Institutes of Health: $1,912,500

Kilgard, Michael, Platform Technology for Sensory, Motor and Affective Disorders, DARPA: $632,609

Baughman, Ray, Twist-Spun Polymer and Nanotube Artificial Muscle Fibers and Yarns Powered Thermally, Chemically, and Electrochemically, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research: $450,000

Chen, Lunjin, Chen, Lunjin, Quantify the Contribution of Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere to Radiation Belt Electron Loss, NASA: $391,859

Akin, Bilal, Real-Time Degradation Monitoring of Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Power Conversion Systems, Office of Naval Research: $224,853

Anderson, William, Dust Transport in Convectively Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layer, National Science Foundation: $221,521

Marcus, Andrian, CAREER: Management of Unstructured Information During Software Evolution, National Science Foundation: $140,451

The following are awards over $20,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from non-Federal sponsors between March 1, 2015 and May 31, 2015:

McIntyre, Christa, Neural Pathways Modulating Memory Consolidation, The University of Iowa: $575,982

Stefan, Mihaela, Nanoparticles Based on Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Combination Treatments, University of Nebraska Medical Center: $199,462

Bray, Timothy, SRA - Children's Health Report on Childhood Health Issues, Children’s Health: $155,000

You, S.M., Cooling Enhancement Using Microporous Coating for Nuclear Reactor Walls, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute: $145,000

Kelly, Mary Urquhart, 2015-2016 Texas Mathematics and Science Partnerships Professional Development Network, The University of Texas at Austin: $137,982

Ploski, Jonathan, Neural Substrates of Contextual Memory in Fear Extinction, Texas A&M University: $47,150