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Proposal Preparation

The Office of Sponsored Projects is responsible for submitting proposals seeking external support for research, training/instruction, and service projects at UT Dallas. As soon as a Principal Investigator (PI) contemplates submitting a proposal for funding, the respective Grant Specialist should be alerted. Provide any information such as the due date and RFP/Program Annoucement. This will allow the Grant Specialist to both review the guidelines for any unusual requirements and work with the PI on a timeline for submission.

The Office of Sponsored Projects goal is to assist Principal Investigators in their efforts to secure external funding. This is accomplished by providing the following services and resources to faculty and professional research staff:

When all submission materials and paperwork are provided to OSP at least four business days prior to the deadline, the Grants Specialist will provide a thorough review of all proposal requirements. If less than two business days, the Grants Specialist will review the budget for correct rates and cost share, verify internal approvals are obtained and check for compliance issues. With less than one day notice, the Grants Specialist may only be able to verify the internal forms are signed and only after all complete and timely applications received by OSP have been processed.