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Technical Illustration Services

UT Dallas has completed an interagency agreement with the UT Southwestern Dept. of Biomedical Communications to provide technical illustrations for grant proposals, journal articles, and other publications or programs. UT Dallas faculty can contact UTSW directly to discuss their project and agree upon a scope of work. The contracted rates are $100 per hour for work done by a UTSW design faculty member and $25 per hour for work done by a UTSW design student. There is an open UT Dallas purchase order for this process. Each faculty member requesting illustrations will need to provide a cost center to pay for the expenses.

For examples of UTSW work, visit here.

To discuss a project, contact the department at 214-648-4699 or

The UT Dallas purchase order is #P903519.

Please see the technical illustration flowchart for additional information. If you have any questions, contact Beth Keithly, Office of Research Development at 972-883-4568 or

Updated: October 12, 2011