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For Business and Investors

UT Dallas has an industry-oriented history.

OTC's primary objective with respect to Industry is to establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our industry partners. With a business experienced team and an entrepreneurial mindset, the OTC will work toward establishing a win/win, truly collaborative relationship with its industry partners with the intent of expediting industry friendly commercialization agreements.

  1. The elements of OTC's underlying approach to establishing long lasting UT Dallas-industry relationships include:
  2. Simplified agreements, flexibility and focus on "getting to yes"
  3. A focus on common interests:
    • to commercialize the technology
    • to expand and strengthen scientific knowledge
    • to exchange scientific acumen, knowledge
    • to establish reasonable front-end, technology value
    • to leverage financial resources
    • to achieve mutually beneficial financial rewards.

OTC emphasizes the creation and development of new business ventures and welcomes the interest and participation of investors and entrepreneurs who desire to explore and/or collaborate with UT Dallas in connecton with its start-up activity.

For more information about UT Dallas's start-up ininiative and current projects under OTC's management or in other UT Dallas enterprises, please contact the OTC at 972-883-4574.

Available Technologies

UT Dallas has a wide range of innovations and talented innovators in science and technology. We invite you to explore our Technology Showcase for technologies that are available for licensing and to contact us for additional information or to establish a collaborative relationship.

Expediting Negotiations with the OTC

OTC recognizes that there are some fundamental differences between a licensing agreement entered into with an educational institution and a licensing agreement entered into between two commercial parties. OTC personnel are industry experienced and understand the fundamental needs of its industry licensing partners. Thus, as the essential elements of a license agreement with an academic institution and the ground rules by which OTC must operate are well understood by the industry partner seeking a license, a smoother and more efficient negotiation process results.

Also, the negotiation process is expedited when a company using outside counsel for its license negotiation chooses an attorney who is highly experienced in working with university technology transfer offices. Please note that our standard agreements are balanced and have been widely accepted by industry. Therefore, it is OTC's expectation that heavy negotiation will not be necessary.

Corporate Relations

To learn more about other ways in which companies may leverage UT Dallas resources and expertise to mutual benefit, please visit our Corporate Relations page.