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We were kids once, too. You can roll over most of our images to see us as children!


Dr. Candice Mills, Director

Candice Mills is an associate professor in Psychological Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Mills earned her bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Florida, and a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Yale University.

Dr. Mills’s research explores the development of social cognition: how children evaluate the knowledge and beliefs of others as well as themselves, and what changes over the course of development. Her research incorporates methods and theories from developmental, social, and cognitive psychology, with participant populations spanning from early childhood through adolescence and adulthood. Her previous research in has been published in professional psychological journals as well as discussed in national resources such as the New York Times, Scientific American Mind, and on National Public Radio.



Sydney Rowles, B.S.
Doctoral Student

Joined in Fall 2013. Sydney graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Alabama with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.  At UA, she assisted with and conducted research as a member of the Knowledge in Development Lab and the Psychology Honors Program, where she defended her undergraduate honors thesis.  She is thrilled to be joining the Think Lab to explore the development of children's problem solving abilities.


Pranati Ahuja
Undergraduate Student

Joined in Spring 2014. Pranati is pursuing a science-based career at UT Dallas and especially enjoys interacting with kids. Her volunteering experiences with children range from putting on puppet shows for them to helping them learn language to just having a good time with them! She is interested in learning how their minds work, and believes that her experience in the Think Lab will be valuable to her as she goes on to pursue higher studies in research or medicine.

Ian Campbell
Undergraduate Student

Joined in Fall 2012. Ian is a senior majoring in good ol' Psychology. He loves talking to people of all ages and has extensive experience working with children—usually in volunteer work at Science Camps or at his local church. He is intrigued by the cognitive processes of children and looks forward to studying the development of critical thinking in their burgeoning young minds.

Kayla Klein
Undergraduate Student

Joined in Summer 2011. As a Neuroscience and Biology double major, Kayla hopes to pursue a medical degree after her time at UT Dallas. She enjoys working with children, and is particularly interested in studying how children learn new information. Kayla serves as Academic Affairs Chair on UTD Student Government and as an officer in the Newman Group, and is excited to work with the Think Lab.

Renee Jonason
Undergraduate Student

Joined in Fall 2012. Renee is a junior double majoring in Psychology and Child Development. She has previous experience working with children as a swim instructor, and her love of children has grown with her young niece and nephew. She is interested in learning what environmental factors encourage children to thrive, and wants to apply this knowledge to improve the lives of underprivileged children. She intends to go to graduate school.

Korinn Mallory
Undergraduate Student

Joined in Spring 2014. She is majoring in neuroscience and and loves to think about how others think! She is especially interested in learning and memory, and loves helping people (young and old!) learn about our fascinating natural world as a volunteer at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Amelia Pflaum
Masters Student in Psychological Science

Joined in Spring 2010. In December of 2011, Amelia graduated with a dual major in Child Development and Learning and Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. She assisted in several research projects and presented at two research conferences during her undergraduate career with the Think Lab. She spends a great deal of time working with children outside of the Think Lab as a Lead Teacher in the School-Age program at the Children’s Courtyard. Her previous experience with children includes working with CISNT (Communities in Schools of North Texas), New Hope Learning Center, and Disability Services of the Southwest. Amelia is currently working towards a Masters degree in psychological sciences with a specialization in developmental psychology.

Tasfia Rouf
Undergraduate Student

Joined in Spring 2014. Tasfia is a Neuroscience major who is also Pre-Med student. She comes from a big family with countless younger siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. Having grown up with all these children and also having worked at an elementary school for over a year has only made her more certain of her dreams of working with children in the future. This has also fostered the idea of aspiring to attend medical school and become a Pediatric Neurologist. She believes that the opportunity to be a part of the Think Lab Team is the perfect way for her to explore the facets of cognition and development, especially in children.


Meridith Grant, Ph.D.
Lab Affiliate in Developmental Psychology

Spring 2007 - Spring 2011.  Meridith earned a bachelor of arts in International Relations from Tufts University and a masters of science in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas. She joined the Think Lab in Spring 2007 and was a leader in the lab on many projects with both preschoolers and elementary school-aged children. She defended her dissertation in April of 2011 and is currently teachingat UTD and working on a number of research projects.


Asheley Landrum, Ph.D.
Lab Affiliate in Developmental Psychology

Spring 2009 - Summer 2013.  Asheley completed her undergraduate education at The University of Texas at Austin before beginning graduate school at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Her research in the UTD Think Lab focused on the development of critical thinking skills from early preschool to adulthood. Asheley is currently in a postdoctoral position with Patrick Shafto at the University of Louisville. You can find out more about her work here:



Fadwa Elashi, Ph.D.
Lab Affiliate in Developmental Psychology

Spring 2008 - Summer 2009 undergraduate; Fall 2009 - Summer 2013 graduate. Fadwa's research in the UTD Think Lab centered on the overlap between social and developmental psychology. Her senior honors thesis examined stereotypes in children. In graduate school, she examined how children's learning may be influenced by biases related to group membership as well as how children think about bias in themselves and others. Fadwa is currently living in Jordan and working at the Arab Open University.

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