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Residential Life

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors (PA) are UT Dallas student employees who live on campus and provide University Village residents with personal, academic and housing-related peer support.

Peer Advisors at Freshman Move-in

Residential Life employs upperclassman students in this leadership role. PAs are assigned to the residence halls and various apartment buildings within University Village. Students selected as PAs go through an extensive training period to fully prepare them for their role as a PA.

View the offical Peer Advisor Job Description

The PA lives with his or her designated community and provides various resources to residents:

  • Community building through individual interactions and group activities.
  • Knowledge about campus resources, including UT Dallas policies and procedures.
  • Resource to help with conflict mediation between roommates.
  • On-call services to respond to after hours or emergency concerns.

Become a Peer Advisor

The process to become a PA for the fall semester begins in the prior spring semester. If you are interested, "Like" the Interested in Being a UTD Peer Advisor? Facebook page for more information.

2014 Interest Sessions*

All students interested in applying to be a PA MUST attend an interest session. These sessions are a great chance to meet current peer advisors and coordinators. The sessions cover PA job requirements and the application process. Interest sessions are a good chance for applicants to ask questions of current PAs and the coordinators who supervise them.

  • October 27, 9-10pm: Residence Hall West Multipurpose Room
  • October 28, 10-11pm: Residence Hall North Multipurpose Room
  • October 30, 3-4pm: Residence Hall Southwest Multipurpose Room
  • November 3, 5-6pm: Residence Hall Northwest Multipurpose Room
  • November 4, 8-9pm: Phase 2 Social Center
  • November 5, 2-3pm: Student Union Libra Room
  • November 10, 9-10pm: Phase 8 Clubhouse
  • November 11, 3-4pm: Student Union Phoenix Room
  • November 18, 2-3pm: Student Union Galaxy Room C
  • November 20, 10-11pm: Residence Hall South Classroom
  • December 1, 5-6pm: Student Union Libra Room

* Dates are subject to change. Please refer to the Facebook Page for the latest information.