International Travel Authorization for Students

UT System requires that students traveling on behalf of UT Dallas obtain travel authorization and register their trip in International SOS prior to departure. Students include Teaching Assistants, Teaching Associates and Research Assistants.

A student group is two or more UTD students, or one or more UTD faculty/staff traveling with one or more UTD students.

Please contact the International Center at [email protected] if you have any questions.

6 – 3 months prior to departure

Review risk and safety issues

  • Research the destination, identify risks and determine how to mitigate them, review the Traveler Guidelines for resources.
  • Request a security expert to review the trip itinerary and provide risk and safety advise tailored to the trip.  If a student group, the RUO/Sponsor can obtain a trip review for the whole group.

Obtain risk authorization if traveling to a country requiring risk authorization

6 – 4 weeks prior to departure

Develop a Personal Emergency Action Plan (PEAP).  Use the PEAP template developed by the International Center or create your own.

Register your trip and review your insurance

  • Register the trip itinerary in International SOS (ISOS).  Follow instructions on the page.  Register any side trips as soon as you have itinerary details for them.
  • Register the trip in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  U.S. Citizens can register at  Non-US citizens should follow any similar guidance provided by their country of citizenship.
  • Review insurance benefits, exclusions, coverage period, and fee:

Collect all required documents listed below:

Submit all the required documents

Submit all the required documents for the traveler or travelers (if a group) at the same time.  Lack of trip registration in ISOS, or missing information or documents will delay travel authorization.

  1. Education Abroad travel. Submit through the Comets Abroad portal, or by e-mail to [email protected], or in person at SSB3.400.
  2. University Business travel. Submit all required documents to [email protected].

Travel authorization

  1. The International Center will review the request, submit it to the President’s Designee for institutional authorization, and provide a notification of the trip to the UT Dallas Police.
  2. The President’s Designee will review the request, give institutional authorization, file the request with Procurement Management at [email protected], and provide a copy to the International Center at [email protected]At this point the travel authorization request is complete.