The following information will help you prevent fires and protect yourself and others from fire:  
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PDF Icon 2. Campus Fires: Prevent to Protect, University Business Magazine, Nov/Dec 2009
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PDF Icon 7. Inspection for Fire-Rated Door Assembies by Keith Pardoe, DAHC, CDC/CDT and William Johnson, August 2009
PDF Icon 8. Fire Protection Engineers: Using Science and Technology to Make the College Campus Safe from Fire, by SFPE
PDF Icon 9. Doors: Horizontal and Vertical Sliding and Rolling Fire Doors, by Pablo Davis
PDF Icon 10. CO Detection
PDF Icon 11. Impact of Sprinklers on the Fire Hazard in Dormitories: Sleeping Room Fire Experiments, by NIST
PDF Icon 12. Smoke Alarms + Sprinklers + Closed Doors = Lives Saved in Dorm Fires, by NIST
PDF Icon 13. University Housing Fires ... A special report examining the causes and characteristics of fires in college and university residential buildings, November 2009.
PDF Icon 14. Inspection, testing, and maintenance of your fire sprinkler system
PDF Icon 15. Property premium discounts for installed sprinkler system
PDF Icon 16. Holiday Season Safety in Fraternity/Sorority & University Housing