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Drs. Rebekah Nix and Cynthia Ledbetter win the UT Library Director's Award for Excellence in Library Resource Integration

Science education instructors Drs. Rebekah Nix and Cynthia Ledbetter won the UT Library Director's Award for Excellence in Library Resource Integration for their SCE 5305 course titled Evaluating Research in Science Education. "It took us about two years to design and write this course" said Dr. Cynthia Ledbetter, associate professor of the Department of Science/Mathematics Education. The award was announced at the 2007 Innovations in Online Learning Conference.

"This was the first time this course was offered and the first time I've taught a wholly online course, although Rebekah has been teaching online for about 7 years," Dr. Ledbetter said.

Offered completely online, SCE 5305 is a required core course for the Master of Arts in Teaching – Science Education (MAT-SE) Online degree program [that is no longer as of 2011] offered by the Science/Mathematics Education Department (SciMathEd). Established on a solid foundation of scientific research and academic excellence, this course produces students who are able to use and contribute to current educational research and methodology.

For over 20 years, Dr. Cynthia E. Ledbetter has taught this course in a face-to-face setting at UT Dallas. Initially delivered by UT TeleCampus in Fall 2006, this online offering was co-authored by Dr. Rebekah K. Nix with Drs. Cynthia E. Ledbetter and Fred L. Fifer, Jr. of The University of Texas at Dallas. In addition, UT TeleCampus staff produced key interactive elements for this online section.

Dr. Rebekah Nix is a senior lecturer in the School of General Studies. She teaches educational technology courses in the Teacher Development Center’s certification program and other educator workshops. A graduate of Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia, her research interests focus on the learning environment, specifically with regard to information technology integration and professional development.

  • Updated: February 11, 2011