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UT Dallas Ranks in the 95th Percentile at Prestigious Putnam Mathematical Competition

The Putnam Team from UT Dallas ranked 24th out of 508 institutions that took part in the competition on December 2nd, 2006. The UT Dallas team consisted of 9 competitors, three of which were ranked in the top 500 competitors as individuals. 3,640 students took part nationwide.

UT Dallas Putnam Competition Team:

  • Ivan Borsenco
  • Zac Cox
  • Nate Hannon

Additional Individual Competitors:

  • Steven Horne
  • Garrett Baca
  • Ashley Weatherwax
  • Christopher (Kit) Maier
  • Alan Davis
  • Alex Palmer

Putnam Coach: Dr. Titu Andreescu

This year the top five teams were Princeton University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Toronto and the University of Chicago. To be 24th in a list headed by these schools is a great honor for UT Dallas, and for those whose hard work and dedication lead to this result.

The Putnam Competition is an Mathematical contest for undergraduate students in the United States and Canada. Winning teams earn cash awards to their schools of up to $25,000; winning individuals earn grants up to $2,500, along with a significant amount of prestige. It is administered by the Mathematical Association of America.

  • Updated: March 29, 2007