Research Studies 



This is a collection of research studies conducted by UT-Dallas students in the Science/Mathematics Education Program.

1998 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004

2004 Research Studies

2003 Research Studies

        Bridgefarmer, D. R. (2003). Freedom in the classroom. [Online.] Available:

         Garcia, C. (2003). The effect of teacher attitude, experience, and background knowledge on the use of inquiry method teaching in the elementary classroom. [Online.] Available:

         Geyser, P. (2003). Genesis or exodus? Student retention strategies for private middle school. [Online.] Available:

         Halawani, H. (2003). Promoting literacy through play environment. [Online.] Available:

         Kazan, E. (2003). Education beyond the curriculum: After-school programs and their benefits. [Online.] Available:

         Marshall, H. A. (2003). Countering astronomy misconceptions in high school students. [Online.] Available:

         Shaikh, M. (2003). Hands-on science in elementary schools. [Online.] Available:

         Shipman, L. (2003). Special students: Exploring the best methods for learning science. [Online.] Available:

         Ward, J. (2003). Dietary effects on the brain with regards to learning and memory. [Online.] Available:

2002 Research Studies

         Aguilar, R. (2002). The effects of classical music on spatial-temporal reasoning. [Online.] Available:

         Diamond T. (2002). The impact of field trips on learning. [Online.] Available:

         Smith, T. (2002). Utilizing art as a teaching tool in the classroom. [Online.] Available:

         Stein, J. (2002). Standardized test: Pretext or pretest? [Online.] Available:

         Whittmore, M. J. (2002). A study of conditions affecting advanced placement scores. [Online.] Available:

         Wilson, C. R. (2002). Roadblocks to teaching: The reasons teachers quit. [Online.] Available:

1998 Research Studies

         Nix, R.K. (1998). What educators want from the world wide web: The value of an internet presence for science education programs. [Online.] Available: