Student Presentations 


This is a collection of presentations by UT-Dallas students in SCE 5305: Evaluating Research in Science Education. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view this content (to read the notes, 'Save' to your computer).

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2004 Presentations

·        The African American Science Teacher & African American Student Motivation

·        Block Schedules vs. Traditional Schedules and Their Effects on Science Achievement, Inquiry Skills and Attitudes Regarding Science

·        Discipline and Special Education Students: What’s  Going  on, How  Does  It  Affect  Teachers  and  Who  Is  Doing  the  Misbehaving?

·        Does Music Enhance Memorization Study Skills in Sixth Grade Students?

·        Gender Disparity in the Upper Elementary Classroom: Does Equity Exist?

·        Gender Equity in Science Classrooms Has Been Achieved: Or Has It?

·        Helping Students to Be Successful

·        Instructional Change in the Science Classroom Brought about from Curriculum Alignment due to Standardized Testing

·        Integrated Science: Developing Science Literacy in Secondary Education

·        Motivating the Science Student

·        Real World Science and the ESL Learner

·        Valuing and Evaluating Elementary Science Field Trips

2003 Presentations

2002 Presentations

2001 Presentations