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Dr. Ken Berry

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Science and Engineering Education Center

Solar Car Camp

Dates: June 18 - July 13
Time: 9am - 4pm
Ages: 13-18 years old

Description: During this 4-week long camp we will be building a solar car for competition.  During this intensive engineering course students will work along side UTD Senior Design students and learn about solar power, battery power, software, and mechanical design as we put together a solar car that the students will be able to drive in a solar car competition. This camp is intended for students who are interested in engineering as a career.

Cost: $650 (Lunches are included)

Registration Deadline: May 25, 2012

Beginning Robotics Camp

Dates: June 4 - June 8
Time: 9am - 4pm
Ages: 10-14 years old

Description: This week long camp is an introduction to robotics using the LEGO Mindstorms System. Learn to build and program LEGO robots for a competition at the end of the week. This is perfect preparation for competing in the FIRST LEGO League competition in the fall.

Cost: $300 (Lunches are included)

Registration Deadline: May 25, 2012


Advanced Robotics Camp

Dates: June 11 - June 15
Time: 9am - 4pm
Ages: 12-16 years old

Description: During this week long camp we will learn how to build and program a Tetrix robot. This will help students successfully compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge competition next fall and spring.

Prerequisite: Beginning Robotics Course or a year of experience with FIRST LEGO League.

Cost: $300 (Lunches are included)

Registration Deadline: May 25, 2012

Updated: May 1, 2012