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Current Exhibits

Contact Science exhibits are table-top kiosks that invite hands-on exploration in one of the science themes listed below. The exhibits are available in the libraries during opening hours, free of charge. Exhibits are free with paid admission at museum venues.

During select hours, exhibit explainers will be on hand to answer questions and help guide your experience. Please contact individual libraries to find out exhibit explainer hours.

Be sure to keep an eye on the library websites to be alerted to upcoming related workshops. In the meantime, drop by the public library to explore science!

MicroWorld Adventures

What does your skin look like up close? How about your cotton shirt or your hair? Mouth parts of a housefly? This exhibit has both a "scope on a rope" microscope and a high magnification microscope. Come and learn to use them to view prepared specimens as well as other objects of your own choosing and start exploring the microworlds around you.

Electric Adventures

What's the difference between AC and DC circuits? What do resistors, capacitors, diodes, motors and transformers do? What is an oscilloscope and what does it do? Come and tinker with all these components and get the electricity moving.

Optical Adventures

What do telescopes, kaleidoscopes and microscopes all have in common? What about the camera on your cell phone? They all use light and lenses. Play with different lenses, colored filters, and polarizers to see how light behaves and how images are formed and understand how the lenses in the camera on your phone works.

Seeing Sound

Have you ever wondered what sound looks like? See how tone, frequency and duration can be depicted in a spectrogram.


Manipulate the earth's axis and watch how its temperature changes, and combine meteorological forces to see how violent storms form with this computer-based exhibit.

Take a Closer Look

Take a closer look at specimens of your choosing through an easy-view, large-diameter lens.




Updated: June 17, 2016