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Interactive exhibits are placed in public places to engage and educate the public. 

Contact Science exhibits:

·         Digital Adventures

·         Microworld Adventures

·         Optical Adventures

·         Seeing Sound

·         Weather Station

·         Wentzscopes

·         Gearing Up

·         Science Interact: Space

·         Science Interact: Chemistry

·         Science Interact: Human Anatomy

·         Inside Out: Animals Inside Out

·         Inside Out: Bacterial vs. Viral Infections

·         Inside Out: Skeletons

·         Inside Out: Exoskeletons

·         Create with Raspberry Pi


  • Exhibits range in size from 3′ x 3′ to 6′ x 4′

  • Each exhibit is loaned for a 6-month period

  • Exhibits are loaned free of charge

If you would like to host one of these exhibits in your location, become a Community Partner