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The Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC)

Dr. Ken Berry, Assistant Director
Office - FN 2.302A
Mailstop - FA31

Dr. Koshi Dhingra, Assistant Director
Office - FN 2.002
Mailstop - FA31


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Science and Engineering Education Center

IDEAS - Innovation Driven Engineering And Science™


Texas BEST Robotics - Regional competition brings champions from Texas and New Mexico on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 18-19, 2011. more

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition - Hosted by UT Dallas at Parish Episcopal School, Midway campus on Saturday, April 16, 2011. more

Robots to Battle it Out in 2 UT Dallas Competitions (Dec. 3, 2010)
Usually home to basketball and volleyball action, the UT Dallas gym will be commandeered by robots for the next two Saturdays. more

Volunteers Learn How to Help Kids Learn Science (Aug. 26, 2010)
More than a dozen local high-tech employees and other volunteers will gather at UT Dallas this week before fanning out next month to teach, encourage, prod, cheerlead and otherwise interact with kids, all in the interest of promoting an interest in science. more

Nobel Prof Gives Schools High-Powered Science Help (May 28, 2009)
The scientist who co-discovered the first binary pulsar is tackling a new challenge these days: how to invigorate science education in the nation’s K-12 classrooms. Dr. Russell Hulse, along with Dr. Joe Taylor from Princeton University, received the 1993 Nobel Prize in physics for discovering two dense, collapsed stars closely orbiting each other. more


Updated: September 20, 2011