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Science and Engineering Education Center

High School Capstone Engineering Training for Teachers

(One teacher and two students from each school)

The University of Texas at Dallas and the Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC) are offering schools the opportunity to train your school-based team for two capstone engineering projects. A school can be trained to compete in a Solar Car Competition or Quad Copters. The cost is $2,000 for a Teacher and two students to attend the month-long camp. The teacher will be involved in the teaching and leading of the camp for the students. The two students should be chosen as the student leaders of the team at the school in the coming year. After this training experience a school will have three people trained in an engaging, challenging engineering project. The school team should have the knowledge to run a solar car or quad copter team at the end of the program. For the teacher this is a hands-on deep professional development opportunity in a STEM focused project based curriculum. If you are at a school interested in project based instruction, engineering instruction or STEM instruction this is an ideal opportunity to bring Solar Cars or Quad Copters to your school site.

- You will need to fill out the following
        -Release and Indemnification Form
        -Medical Information and Release Form
        -Talent Release Form.
- Please mail or bring these forms to:
        Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC)
        800 W. Campbell, FA 31,
        Richardson, TX 75080

Solar Car Camp

Date: June 17 - July 12, 2013
Time: 9am - 4pm
Ages: 13-17 years old/High School

During this 4-week camp we will be building a solar car to attempt a 100 mile road trip. During this intensive engineering course students will learn about solar power, battery power, software, and mechanical design as we put together a solar car that the students will be able to drive safely on the roadways. This camp is intended for students who are interested in engineering as a career.

Cost: Thanks to a grant from Texas Workforce Commission the registration fee of $2,000 will be waived for qualifying students and teacher groups. Students will need to fill-out the application COMPLETELY in order to qualify.

Registration Deadline: May 24,2013

Updated: January 22, 2014