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Match a Recycling Bin to Every Trash Can on Campus

Trash cans are found in almost every room at UT Dallas, but not recycling bins. Most individuals support recycling and sustainability efforts, but may not go out of their way to find a recycling bin if it is not readily available. This green infrastructure comes at a cost, but this is a necessary improvement for a university which already recycles.

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Buses after 11

Have buses after 11 PM if not at a 20 minute frequency then at least very hour. This accounts to 7 extra bus rides between 11 PM and 7 AM which seems doable

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UTD Student Benches

Add more benches to the UTD Gyms. Many students here at UTD use our gym (25,000+) and we only have one in Rec Center West and nine in the AC. Not all of them have the weight racks. If you do the math, that's about one bench press to 2,500.

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