Student Organization Advisor Spotlight: March 2018

Dr. Janell Straach Dr. Janell Straach Dr. Janell Straach Dr. Janell Straach

Dr. Janell Straach

Dr. Straach is an incredibly caring and charismatic advisor. She has been our advisor since 2014. She commands respect from our officers, her students, and her fellow faculty members. She has provided enormous support to our club’s initiatives and events which empower women in the STEM field. Dr. Straach always inspires our members and officers by sharing her experiences and providing mentoring at every step of the way. We are very grateful to have her as our advisor since she is so passionate about encouraging women to pursue careers in engineering and computer science.

Organization Affiliation

Women Who Compute, Advisor

Department Affiliation

Department of Computer Science, Senior Lecturer

What is your most memorable advising moment?

While there hasn't been one single moment, my favorite time each year is when I meet the new officers. I'm so excited to see the club continue to grow as new officers join the leadership team. Our current officers interview all the potential new officers and make a recommendation so it is awesome to see the club grow organically without my intervention.

What advice do you have for other student organization advisors?

I view my role as having three main parts. First and foremost, I need to be their advocate. Second, I need to be their supporter/cheerleader. Finally, I need to be their confidant when they need help. My role is to enable them. The success of WWC is truly due to the officers. I just get to be the faculty advisor to an amazing group of women.

Fun Fact

Dr. Straach loves to play Mahjong with her friends every Wednesday!

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