Student Organization Manual



This manual exists to help student organizations understand their rights and responsibilities and to assist them in being effective organizations. It is not a comprehensive source of the institutional rules and regulations governing student organizations at The University of Texas at Dallas. Please refer to the Handbook of Operating Procedures for a more detailed explanation of university rules and policies. We strongly encourage you to consult with Student Organization Center staff for more information on policies related to being a student organization.



Chapter One: The Student Organization Center (SOC)


Chapter Two: Rights and Responsibilities for Student Organizations


Chapter Three: The Student Center Student Coordinators and Organization Resources


Chapter Four: Creating and Sustaining an Effective Organization


Chapter Five: Advisors


Chapter Six: Publicity


Chapter Seven: Events and Activities


Chapter Eight: Risk Management


Chapter Nine: Fund Raising and Finances


Chapter Ten: Student Leadership Opportunities


Chapter Eleven: Nondiscrimination Policy


Chapter Twelve: Useful Contacts



Updated: January 4, 2018