Student Organization Forum


Meeting and Leadership Series

At least one member of a registered student organization must attend SOF Meetings and Leadership Series. These one-hour meetings are designed to provide leadership training, review funding requests, and disseminate information. read more


Two officers of a student organization must take the SOF Orientation Quiz on the OrgSync website. To fulfill the orientation requirement, the two officers must pass the quiz with a 100%, and then pass on the information to their other members. read more

Risk Management Training

Advisors & two officers of an organization must attend a mandatory risk management training session. Risk Management Training is a separate component and is not a registration requirement. You can become an officially registered student organization before attending Risk Management Training. read more

Student Leadership Awards

Each year several student leadership awards are given to worthy leaders and student organizations that have made outstanding contributions. These awards are intended to recognize and honor their hard work and pay tribute to their achievements on campus and in the community. read more

Orientation Fairs

In conjunction with the UT Dallas orientations, registered student organizations have an opportunity to welcome incoming freshmen and their families. They can represent their organization to inform new students about their mission, goals, accomplishments, activities, and events. Many times these first contacts eventually result in new members to their organizations.

These orientation fairs are held multiple times during the summer and in the past as many as 50 student organizations have participated.

Cometville Carnival

Students can find the student organization that meets their needs and interests in this festive environment featuring games, music, and food. Cometville Carnival is held during Welcome Week. Students have the opportunity to learn about various student organizations.

Updated: June 30, 2010