Our lab investigates the relationship between language and the brain (neurolinguistics). We are interested in the pathology of speech in aphasia and verbal apraxia (“apraxia of speech”). By comparing findings from communication disordered populations with those of healthy individuals we seek to (1) learn more about normative speech processing, and (2) devise improved methods for treating speech and language loss subsequent to brain damage.

Other Topics We Study:

  • Audiovisual processing by healthy individuals and individuals with Parkinson’s disease
  • Augmented kinematic feedback for phonetic training in L2 learning and clinical populations
  • Compensatory articulation and speech motor control
  • Coarticulation and speech motor planning
  • Development of speech motor control in children
  • Articulatory timing relations in consonant cluster and singleton productions
  • Cue-trading relations at the prosody/syntax interface

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