Location: Elm Mott, Texas
Agency: World Hunger Relief, Inc.
Mode of Transportation: Passenger Van
Type of Lodging: On-site Cabin
Fee: $150.00

Service Projects

World Hunger Relief, Inc. has been helping fight world hunger since 1976. Join their mission to end hunger by helping on a farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Learn about conservation, resource sharing and other sustainable agricultural practices taught to farmers in developing countries.

Participants will live and assist at a farm. Tasks may include farm labor, landscaping, facilities maintenance and community outreach.

2014 Experience

Step by step, the interns at World Hunger Relief taught us why sustainability is huge, pressing, but most importantly, achievable. Our knowledge was not learned in a classroom, however, but in the field. Through early mornings and difficult tasks including hoeing weeds, harvesting stubbornly dug-in carrots and digging trenches, we learned that for people in developing countries, food does not come without manual labor. If that wasn’t eye-opening enough, our team also participated in role playing games, except the scenarios are, in fact, reality for many hungry people around the globe. Trial by trial, we eventually learned that our power was in teamwork. Perhaps the greatest resource, one that can’t be mined or wasted by outsiders, is the people surrounding each of us in our communities.
- Caitlynn Fortner, ASB 2014 Sustainability participant

Read Caitlynn's full experience here.

ASB Trips for 2014

Affordable Housing

Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Agency: Habitat for Humanity

Renovate and construct new homes for residents in downtown Jackson.

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Animal Rescue

Location: Collierville, Tennessee
Agency: Collierville Animal Services

Assist in caring for abandoned and neglected dogs, cats, and other rescued animals.

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Cultural Preservation

Location: Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma
Agency: Cherokee Nation

Work with community members and help revitalize Cherokee Nation's neighborhoods.

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Disaster Relief

Location: Denver, Colorado
Agency: Community Collaborations, Inc.

Assist in disaster recovery efforts and provide support to those affected by floods.

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Location: New York, New York
Agency: Junior Achievement of New York

Lead hands-on activities that teach workforce readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

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Environmental Conservation

Location: Galveston, Texas
Agency: Galveston Bay Foundation

Serve those affected by manmade and natural disasters in Galveston.

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Hunger and Homelessness

Location: West Coast Bay Area, California
Agency: Community Collaborations, Inc.

Learn about urban poverty and help make a difference in the lives of those affected by homelessness.

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Park Preservation

Location: Hulbert, Oklahoma
Agency: Oklahoma State Parks

Help Three Forks Nature Center staff restore the natural beauty of Sequoyah State Park.

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Location: Elm Mott, Texas
Agency: World Hunger Relief, Inc.

Live and assist at a farm and learn about sustainable agricultural practices taught to farmers in developing countries.

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Social Services

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Agency: Various Agencies

Help the homeless, at-risk youth, and those affected by poverty in the San Antonio area.

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