2013-2014 Staff Council Committees

The Staff Council has four standing committees, appointed each year by the Vice President. Each committee elects its own chair and secretary.

Benefits Committee
Caryn Berardi District 3
Michelle Brown District 5
Theresa Diaz District 3
Naomi Emmett District 2
Eric Fackler District 4
Mike Mogg District 2
Norma Richardson (chair) District 1
Janie Shipman District 4
Chelsea Villareal (secretary) District 4
Communications Committee
Daniel Calhoun District 5
Donna Everson District 7
Nancy Finch District 1
Amber Miles District 3
Julie Rooney (secretary) District 4
Sandy Runowski District 7
Alice Salazar District 3
Paul Smith District 5
Chad Thomas (chair) District 4
Fund Raising Committee
Letitia Andrews District 2
Jason Carter District 2
Jay Jascott (chair) District 5
Nick McCormick District 2
Harriett 'DeAnn' Rose District 3
Vicente Torres District 5
Rich Williams District 6
Becky Wiser District 1
Melissa Wyder (secretary) District 4
Staff Development Committee
Hayley Berk District 6
Lynn Butler District 7
Arturo Elizondo, Jr. (chair) District 1
Yue 'Selina' Gu District 6
Richard Jordan (secretary) District 6
Richard 'Buzz' Mills District 1
Sheila Rollerson District 7
Helen Roth District 7
Amanda Whitten District 2


Last Modified: November 21, 2013