2013-2014 Staff Council Officers

The Staff Council officers are elected annually to one-year terms.

2013 — 2014
PRESIDENT Paula Austell, paustell@utdallas.edu
VICE PRESIDENT Jayar Howard Medlock, hmedlock@utdallas.edu
PAST PRESIDENT Rochelle Peña, rpena@utdallas.edu
SECRETARY Deborah Kay Buckner, dbuckner@utdallas.edu
Committee Chairs
Benefits Committee Norma Richardson, nrichardson@utdallas.edu
Communications Committee Chad Thomas, chadthomas@utdallas.edu
Staff Development Committee Arturo Elizondo, arturo.elizondo@utdallas.edu
Fund Raising Committee Jay Jascott, jay.jascott@utdallas.edu


Last Modified: November 21, 2013