Do I need to see an advisor first?

You can find academic advising information on our Academic Advising page.

Where and when do I register?

Use Galaxy to register for classes after your enrollment appointment begins for the specific term. Undergraduate non-degree seeking students do not receive enrollment appointments and may register beginning with open enrollment.


You can find information about adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses on our Add/Drop/Withdraw page.


Undergraduate students can not register for graduate level courses unless the Petition for Undergraduate Student to Take Graduate Courses form is completed.

Students admitted to UT Dallas as graduate non-degree limited to undergraduate courses can register for undergraduate courses only. To register for graduate courses, you must submit a new application for admission and your file must be evaluated by the graduate program for approval.

Minimum Course Load

Students may need to maintain specific enrollment status for loans, insurance, scholarships, etc.

University regulations require certain student groups to maintain enrollment in a minimum number of hours. The University may drop all of your courses if you do not register for the required hours listed below:

Minimum Course Load Requirements
Teaching/Research Assistants 9 hours
International Students
Undergraduate Students 12 hours
Graduate Students 9 hours

Updated: November 21, 2011