Limitations On The Number of Courses That May Be Dropped Under Certain Circumstances

Texas Six-Withdrawals Rule


What is this act?

As enacted by the State of Texas Legislature, undergraduate students will not be permitted to withdraw from more than six courses, including any course from which a transfer student has withdrawn at another Texas public institution of higher education. This rule goes into effect in the fall 2007 semester for first-time freshman and applies to any course that appears on the student's transcript(s) as an academic withdrawal.

Note: Non-academic withdrawals and complete university withdrawals are exempt from counting toward the six-withdrawal rule.

How is this act interpreted at UT Dallas?

UT Dallas uses the following distinctions when canceling course registration:

  • Drop - officially canceling registration for a class prior to Census Day; no record of the student's enrollment in the class remains on the transcript.
  • Withdrawal - officially canceling registration for a class after Census Day; a permanent record of the course attempt remains on the student's transcript.
  • Census Day - the day that official enrollment figures are captured for state reporting each semester (see Academic Calendar for dates).
  • Complete university withdrawal - officially canceling all registration.

The Six-withdrawal rule applies only to courses from which a student withdraws.

How does this rule affect me?

If you are subject to this legislation and withdraw from a course, the determination of whether the withdrawal is for academic or non-academic reasons will impact your academic career. Any course(s) withdrawn at another Texas public institution that meets this act's criteria will also count against the six-withdrawal limitation.

What are non-academic versus academic reasons?

Please review the information in the undergraduate catalog concerning non-academic withdrawals.

Academic withdrawals - any withdrawal during the withdrawal period that is not petitioned or a petitioned withdrawal that does not have the committee's approval as a non-academic withdrawal.

What happens if I want to withdraw from a seventh course for academic reasons, and I have already reached the six-withdrawal limit?

You will not be able to withdraw from the course and you will receive a final grade in the course.


Updated: September 11, 2013