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Nominations are not judged according to the number of nominations received; rather, it is the quality of the information included in the nomination that is considered. Committee members look for specific examples of special achievement or consistent outstanding performance that, according to each member"s professional judgment, clearly demonstrates what is expected of a good employee.

Nominations should be based on at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Provides superior sustained customer service or a special one-time contribution to Student Affairs or UT Dallas.
  2. Continually contributes to, strengthens, and expands a respectful, diverse and collaborative work environment.
  3. Exemplifies excellence and integrity in workplace relationships, interactions, and decision making.
  4. Exhibits exceptional resourcefulness, innovation or creativity.
  5. Enhances the story of UT Dallas Student Affairs' programs and services through meaningful, integrated community involvement and outreach.

The Shooting Star Award recognizes outstanding performance and special achievements of Student Affairs employees.

2014 Award Winners

Spring 2014
Bruce August, Multicultural Center
Chris McAlpine, Activity Center
Czarina Cando, Student Affairs Marketing

2013 Award Winners

Fall 2013
Austin Rupert, Student Wellness Center
Kortney House, Career Center

2012 Award Winners

Fall 2012
Catherine Pickrel, Residential Life
Bruce Unrue, Athletics
Elaine White, Career Center

April 2012
Monalisa Amidar, Student Volunteerism

March 2012
Michael Doty, Career Center

February 2012
Kara Leonard, International Student Services
Melissa Wyder, Student AccessAbility

2011 Award Winners

December 2011
Ben Piper, Recreational Sports
Sue Sherbet, Student Affairs

November 2011
Dr. Gene Fitch, Dean of Students
Mario Villegas, ISSO

October 2011
Kacey Luker, Student Wellness Center
Mohammed Rahman, Career Center

April 2011
Amanda Rupert, Recreational Sports

March 2011
Ellie Hakim, Student Counseling Center
Cassini Nazir, Student Affairs

2010 Award Winners

December 2010
Briana Lemos, FSL/Spirit Programs

November 2010
Delvora King, Student Union

October 2010
Esther Watkins, Career Center

April 2010
Mac Siner, Recreational Sports

February 2010
Darla Dougherty, Dean of Students

2009 Award Winners

September 2009
Chelsea Villareal, Residential Life