Student Success Center

Be a Leader/Tutor

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Leaders+

Peer-Led Team Learning is a nationally recognized mean of engaging students especially in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Students who participate in PLTL not only reap the benefits of higher engagement with, and application of, course material, but also connect socially with peer leaders who have prior knowledge, experience, and success in a course.

PLTL Leaders:

  • Conduct weekly collaborative sessions at the Student Success Center (SSC)
  • Attend the weekly peer leader/liaison meeting
  • Complete all assigned work
  • Maintain attendance records for each section you lead
  • Participate in debriefing surveys and discussions about the PLTL program

Candidates must be able to attend the following events:

  • Group interviews.
  • Individual interviews.
  • Fall Orientation.
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders+

Supplemental Instruction is a series of weekly peer-led study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. SI is for all students who want to improve both their understanding of course material and their grades. SI sessions are facilitated by a trained SI leader who has previously excelled in the targeted course. SI leaders attend the targeted course, take notes, do the readings and homework just as the enrolled students. The leaders also meet regularly with the professor to discuss what concepts should be stressed in the weekly sessions.

SI Leaders:

  • Plan and facilitate two 90-minute or three 60-minute interactive study sessions per week.
  • Coordinate effective recruitment/marketing strategies with the SI program coordinator.
  • Attend weekly team meetings, communicate with faculty and complete all assigned work.
  • Attend training before the start of the semester.
Peer Tutors+

Peer Tutors hold sessions each week throughout the semester and meet one-on-one or in small groups with students who need assistance with coursework. Tutoring sessions are designed to meet students’ individual questions and needs, but the tutors do not provide direct answers for homework/exams.

Peer Tutors:

  • Help students develop self-confidence and improve study skills.
  • Hold drop-in office hours or appointments for a minimum of six hours per week throughout the semester.
  • Maintain attendance records.
  • Plan exam reviews, attend monthly tutor training sessions and communicate with faculty as needed.
  • Attend training before the start of the semester.
Peer Academic Leaders (PALs)+

Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) are undergraduate students who have demonstrated a mastery of the holistic elements of their academic careers.


  • Assist UT Dallas students with identifying and overcoming barriers to their academic success.
  • Provide academic coaching by-appointment and during walk-in hours.
  • Deliver presentations on various academic skills and strategies to student organizations and in residence halls.
  • Become an expert on SSC programs and services and develop materials and programs to educate students on various resources.
  • Represent the SSC at UT Dallas fair booths and other department and university events.
  • Participate in the marketing and promotion of the SSC events and services.
  • Serve as a program/project assistant to members of the SSC staff.
  • Work both individually and as a part of a diverse team in the SSC.
CommLab Leaders+

CommLab Leaders provide students and faculty members with access to practical feedback and resources for improving oral and group presentations. They offer their own expertise to other students who need help with their individual or group presentations.

CommLab Leaders:

  • Assist students with crafting and/or revising thesis statements.
  • Assist students in organizing speech outlines.
  • Assist with group speeches and presentation rehearsals.
  • Video record and review speeches for self critique.
  • Assist with academic citation (oral and written).
Comet Cents Team Members+

Comet Cents Team Members conduct educational presentations across campus to students about budgeting, credit, debit, identity theft, student loans, financial aid and other money topics.

Comet Cents Team Members:

  • Market the Comet Cents Financial Fitness Program.
  • Design and run guest-speaker workshops.
  • Meet with individuals to discuss financial literacy goals.
  • Work with other campus organizations to enrich program.
Math Lab Tutors+

Math Lab Tutors help students understand mathematics, physics, or statistics throughout the semester in a group or one-on-one setting. Tutoring sessions are designed to help with concepts in such a way that the student is able to complete their assignment without the tutors completing their assignment for them. Tutors help develop self-confidence and improve study skills.

The requirements to become a Math Lab tutor includes:

  • Completion of Calculus I and II with an A- or higher.
  • Enthusiasm for trying and learning new things.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Candidates must be able to attend the following events:

  • Candidate exam.
  • Mock tutoring session and interview.
  • Training before the start of the semester.
Writing Center Tutors+

Writing Center Tutors provide writing support to students in one-on-one 30- or 60- minute sessions. Tutoring sessions are designed to provide constructive feedback and assist students with idea generation, drafting and revising papers, and documenting sources. The goal of the tutors is to give the student the tools necessary to excel in their writing projects.

The requirements to become a Writing Center tutor include:

  • Firm grasp of English grammar, mechanics, and usage.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the elements of academic writing, including knowledge of rhetorical principles and research strategies.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Office Student Employees+

Office Student Employees perform varied clerical tasks to assist office staff in executing duties and responsibilities for the SSC. Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Copying, filing, sorting and compiling various information.
  • Answer phones, screen calls, and take messages.
  • Maintain the various areas of the SSC.
  • Greet visitors, provide basic information to faculty, staff and students.
  • Help with preparing materials for various events including Freshman Orientation.
  • Will also help with the Math Lab, Writing Center and Testing Center when needed.
  • Other duties as assigned. must be able to work on an as needed basis.
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All Fall 2017 job postings will be listed individually by program in Comet Careers starting on March 1st.
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