Student Success Center

Coordinated Group Study

group study

The Coordinated Group Study program brings classmates together for an organized and intentional study group. It is a good option when Peer-Led Team Learning, Supplemental Instruction or Peer Tutoring is not offered for the course.

The Student Success Center (SSC) assists the members with a location and group agreement. The SSC can also reach out to the other students in the class to find more group members if needed.

How To Get Started

Email with your interest in starting a Coordinated Group Study. Please mention:

  • the class/section,
  • all group members’ names, and
  • if you would like to invite others to join the group.

A group must have three or more members and ideally should not exceed six members. The students will construct a written agreement with the SSC program coordinator before the group starts meeting. Each session will be limited to three hours.


  • Set ground rules for the group; these will be specified in the written agreement.
  • Meet regularly.
  • Avoid allowing the group to become a place for note-gathering or substitute for attending class.
  • Avoid allowing one or two people to dominate the group.

Tips and Strategies

  • Assign roles to group members.
  • Take turns teaching and leading.
  • Discuss lecture notes to learn important concepts.
  • Relate and apply new concepts to old information.
  • Quiz one another or brainstorm possible test questions that involve applying concepts.
  • Work together; understand that everyone plays a role and each has different strengths and weaknesses.