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Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutor at SSC

Peer tutoring is offered to currently enrolled students for many of the historically challenging subjects at UT Dallas. The sessions are designed to meet students’ individual questions and needs; however, the tutors do not provide answers for homework and exams.

Peer tutoring offers drop-in, open lab sessions and appointments throughout the week. Other subjects may be added depending on the current tutors’ qualifications. Sessions are held in the McDermott Library 1.310.

Summer 2017 Schedule

Download drop-in schedule (pdf)

Schedule includes:

  • Organic Chemistry I & II
  • Organic Chemistry II only
  • General Chemistry I & II
  • Biochemistry I
  • PHYS 1301/2325/2326
  • Math: Visit the Math Lab page

Don’t see your course listed? Contact us at [email protected]. We may be able to accommodate you with a tutor on staff.

Tutee Guidelines
A student attending a tutoring session is referred to as a “tutee.”

Meet Your Peer Tutors
View this semester’s roster of Peer Tutors and the courses they tutor.