Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program. SI provides academic assistance to students in historically difficult classes. The SI sessions help with content mastery and with learning and study strategies that are applicable to all subject areas.

Supplemental Instruction

SI sessions are facilitated by a trained SI leader. SI leaders have taken the same course, done well, and then during the semester attend classes, take notes, and re-read all assigned materials in preparation to conduct the SI sessions three times a week.

SI provides an active, engaged learning experience for students who meet in small groups. The SI leader helps to guide students through the course by:

  • Reviewing topics and material covered in class during that week
  • Using various techniques for problem solving
  • Providing guidance and encouragement

SI leaders set a tone for group discussion and learning in which individual points of view are respected and all members have an equal opportunity to participate.

Results nationally and at UT Dallas have shown that students who consistently attend and participate in SI attain higher grades and better student learning outcomes than students who do not.

SI sessions meet up to three times a week for 1 hour. The sessions are free of charge for currently enrolled students and attendance is completely voluntary. Students may attend as many sessions as desired.

Spring 2014

Specific study session schedules will be available from your SI Leader and on this website the second week of the semester.

Courses Supported by Supplemental Instruction

Course Number Section Instructor
Classical & Molecular Genetics BIOL 3301 001 Dejong/Miller
Biochemistry I BIOL 3361 001 Marsh/Spiro
Biochemistry II BIOL 3362 001 Candas/Reitzer
General Chemistry I CHEM 1311 001 Sra
General Chemistry II CHEM 1312 Any All
Programming Fundamentals CS 1336 001 Vogel
Discrete Math for Computing CS 2305 004 Farage
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2301 001 & 003 Ketsler
Advanced Engineering Mathematics ENGR 3300 003 & 501 Lee
Advanced Engineering Mathematics ENGR 3300 001 Burnham
Constitutional Foundations and
Political Behavior in the US and Texas
GOVT 2301 001 Bearry
U.S. History from Civil War HIST 1302 004 & 006 McLure
U.S. History from Civil War Hist 1302 001, 002 & 003 Schulze
Behavioral Neuroscience NSC 3361 001 and 501 Miller
Statistics for Psychology PSY 2317 Any Juhn


The Student Success Center hopes you will choose to take advantage of this great learning opportunity!

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