gem GEMS - Gateways to Excellence in Math and Science

The mission of GEMS is to ensure opportunities for academic success and to enhance the quality of student learning in math and science gateway courses by providing students with innovative, intensive, and effective learning opportunities.

Key Points

#1 Course Design and Redesign
  The existing calculus and general chemistry sequences will be examined as part of the curriculum alignment component of GEMS with subsequent redesign as needed. read more
# 2 Curriculum Alignment
  Curriculum alignment provides for an efficient sequencing of courses and learning objectives to allow students and faculty to connect content in relevant and coherent ways, which is particularly important for gateway courses. read more
# 3 Math and Science Education Council
  A standing Math and Science Education Council that includes representation from faculty,students, and area community colleges will be created to evaluate and to act on student performance data in math and science courses while facilitating dialogue among stakeholders of common needs in mathematics and science education. read more
# 4 GEMS Success Center
  UT Dallas will create a GEMS Success Center. The Center will be located in a highly visible, centralized, inviting space and will be used for all aspects of learning, from remediation to current class content and to selfpaced advanced topics. read more
# 5 Instructor Development
  Faculty, teaching assistant (TAs) and supplemental instruction leader (SIs) development initiatives will be introduced with input from the individual departments and the Office of Educational Enhancement (OEE). read more
# 6 Student Engagement
  Student engagement is at the core of retention and academic success. Introductory lecture and laboratory courses will be redesigned to provide more relevant, problem-solving based experiences. read more
For more information, read the full version of the QEP.

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