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Student Success Center

TSI Assessment

The Testing Center administers the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment to UT Dallas students. For complete TSI Assessment information, read the Student Informational Brochure (pdf).


To take the TSI Assessment at the Testing Center, you must be currently enrolled at UT Dallas. Complete the following steps:

  1. Verify which sections of the TSI Assessment you need to take with Amanda Montgomery, the TSI coordinator.
  2. Complete the required pre-assessment activity. It explains important information about the TSI Assessment and offers practice links to familiarize yourself with the test content.
  3. Pay for the required sections at UTD Marketplace.
  4. Reserve your seat online.
  5. Arrive at the Testing Center at your scheduled time and date. Bring a photo ID.


  • 1 section: $18
  • 2 sections: $36
  • 3 sections: $54

Testing Times

The Testing Center’s operating hours vary throughout the year. View available times for the TSI Assessment when you reserve your seat online.

Testing times for each section of the TSI Assessment range from 1.5-2 hours.

College Readiness Cut Scores

  • Mathematics: 350 to 390 in the multiple-choice section.
  • Reading: 351 to 390 in the multiple choice section.
  • Writing: a score of 5 in the essay section. You can also place in a college course if you receive a 4 on the essay and a score ranging from 340 to 390 on the multiple-choice section.

Student Guidelines

student guidelines for testing center
Review the Testing Center’s tips and policies before reserving your seat for the TSI Assessment.

TSI Assessment


SPN2 First Floor (Room 11.175)

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Amanda Montgomery
TSI Coordinator
[email protected]