Welcome to the Testing Center

The UT Dallas Testing Center is committed to providing high quality support services to our students and faculty. We provide students access to a comfortable, secure test environment designed to facilitate their educational goals.

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The Testing Center is located in the basement of the
McDermott Library,  MC 1.401.

The testing center is a technologically advanced computer lab with 158 computers supporting an array of courses for online exams, quizzes, and tests.

Testing Center Policies

  • Exams, tests, quizzes are submitted to the Testing Center by the UT Dallas faculty members only.
  • When you arrive to take your exam, you will sign in with your Comet Card (or a photo ID & UTD ID number if you do not have a Comet Card)
  • Students are not required to make an appointment to reserve a seat. All students are accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Electronic devices and all other personal belongings are not allowed in the testing center i.e. cell phones, laptops, backpacks, wallets, coats, sweaters, hoodies, hats etc.
  •  Lockers are available free of charge. Please secure all personal items before entering the testing center for check in.
  • Children are not allowed in the testing center.
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in the testing center.
  • No talking is allowed in the testing center.
  • Testing begins when a student logs on and ends when the student logs off or time has expired.
  • Once a test had started, students should remain seated for the duration of the exam and are not permitted to leave the testing center for any reason until the test is finished.
  • The testing center will lock the doors 30 minutes prior to closing. No new tests or passwords will be administered after the doors are locked.
  • Please plan ahead and allow enough time to complete your exam. If you do not complete by closing time, your exam will be picked up and considered completed.
  • All materials including scratch paper/white board must be returned to the monitoring proctors before leaving the testing area.
  • Videotaping for security is fully in place. Any alleged violations of academic dishonesty will be referred to the instructor and the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for appropriate course action.

Students are strongly encouraged to read the Testing Center Student Guidelines and be thoroughly familiar with the testing center rules before testing.

Testing Center has lockers available to secure your belongings while taking a test in the testing center.

testing center lockerslocker

Testing Center Locker instructions

digital lock

To use a locker:

  1. Place all your belongings into the locker.
  2. Get a card from inside the locker, the locker number will be on it.
  3. Select and enter a four digit code of your choice. You may write your 4-digit code on the card so you won't forget it.
  4. Press the "Lock" button

To retrieve your belongings:

  1. Enter your 4-digit code
  2. Press the "Unlock" button
  3. Wait for the green light to turn off before attempting to open the locker.

Do not attempt to force the locker open.

If you cannot open your locker, please go to the Testing Center Office for assistance.


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The Testing Center

Summer Hours
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Hours of Operation

Summer Hours
Available during the summer only on REQUEST