Welcome to the Testing Center

The UT Dallas Testing Center is committed to providing high quality support services to our students and faculty. We provide students access to a comfortable, secure test environment designed to facilitate their educational goals. The Testing Center is a technologically advanced computer lab with 158 computers supporting an array of courses for UTD online exams, quizzes, and tests. The Testing Center also provides assessment (TSI, THEA) and instructional testing to new and current UTD students.

testing center

We’re Here for You!

Located in the basement of the McDermott Library,  MC 1.401
  • HOURS:
  • Monday — Friday: 9am - 10pm
  • Saturday:  9am - 1pm
  • Sunday: closed
  • Testing Center Closing:
  • August 25th – September 4th
  • September 9th, 4pm–7pm

Hours are subject to change with regards to holidays and community events. Please check our website for continuous updates.

Note: Last exam issued 30 minutes before closing. All exams will be collected at closing time.

For your convenience we have digital lockers available free of charge for students taking a test.

testing center lockers
CLICK to reserve YOUR seat

If your exam is
you are required to make an appointment using the
RESERVE-A-SEAT application.

For a ONE-DAY exam, and for all make-up exams
– NO APPOINTMENT is necessary, just walk-in on the day and at the time the exam is scheduled by your instructor.

New Testing Center Guidelines Coming soon!
  • Students
  • Faculty