Procedures for Arranging an Individual Proctored Exam

Students who need to make individual arrangements for a proctored exam using a testing service, must follow these procedures:

  1. Find a testing service that is willing to proctor your exam. See U.S. and foreign locations that have previously been used by our online students. (If you find other facilities that meet the requirements, you may use them as well).
  2. Inform the course instructor and that a proctored final will be arranged with a testing service. Do this before the date specified in the course syllabus. Please provide the testing center's name, location and proctor information. When using a non pre-approved alternative testing service, the Testing Center will determine and inform the student as to the acceptability of the site.
  3. To complete a Proctored Exam Application, go to Proctored Exam Application

    Please complete all information in the required fields. You may use one application for multiple courses. Please list all the exams you are going to take. Once you have completed this part of the application, it will automatically be sent to the proctor for him/her to complete the rest of the form. Both the student and the proctor must complete the application. An email will be sent to the student and the proctor acknowledging receipt of the completed application.
  4. After receiving the exam form, the SSC Testing Center will contact your local testing center via email and provide information on how to download the exam 5 - 7 days before the start of the exam time window. Once the email is received, the proctor will log in to our system to download the exam and print out a hardcopy. You will take the test using this hardcopy. An exam cover letter containing exam proctoring instructions and an exam certificate will be included in the downloadable file.
  5. If an exam requires a "Scantron Answer Form" for answering questions, students should acquire it beforehand and bring it to the exam site. The Scantron Form No. 882-E is to be used unless otherwise indicated. Scantron forms are available at the UTD Bookstore or "Off-Campus Books". For distance students, you may check with local college/university bookstores. You can also order them from "Off-Campus Books" (email to: , or call: 972-907-TEXT (8398).
  6. Students are responsible for scheduling the exam with the exam proctor and paying all applicable proctoring fees, including any mailing fees for the return of the exam.
  7. Take the exam as scheduled (within the required exam time window) at the testing location under the supervision of the proctor. The student will need to show a photo ID to the proctor.
  8. Both the student and the proctor will sign a document upon finishing the exam to certify that the examination has been administered and completed in accordance with the identified regulations. The proctor must mail the exam back to the Testing Center immediately.
  9. Students may arrange with the proctor for the express returning of the exam, if necessary:

       The University of Texas at Dallas
       Student Success Center, Testing Center
       800 W. Campbell Road, MC 24
       Richardson, TX 75080-3021

  10. Proctors may also fax a copy of the completed exam to the UTD Testing Center, 972-883-6379. Please make sure the exam is received at our office by the deadline specified in each course syllabus to allow timely grade reporting.
  11. For questions contact the Student Success Center 972-883-6707 or send an email.