Procedures for Arranging an Individual Proctored Exam

Students who need to make individual arrangements for a proctored exam using an off-campus testing service, must follow these procedures:

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule their proctored exam at another proctored location. This process could take up to 2-4 weeks to complete.
    • Inform the course instructor that a proctored exam will be arranged with an outside testing service. Approval to take a proctored test outside of the UT Dallas Testing Center ultimately comes from the student’s instructor.
    • Your Proctored Exam Applications must be submitted online
      2 weeks prior to the first day of your exam scheduled date. Late submission will not be processed after this date and you will need to contact your instructor for special approval.
    • If you know all of your test dates, please submit each of your proctored exam applications all at the same time early in the semester.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to find a testing service that is willing to proctor their exam:
    • Locate a testing center. See the list of pre-approved U.S. and international locations.
    • Contact the testing center to make sure that the testing center will be open on the day that you need to test.
    • Make sure to inquire about applicable proctoring fees, including any mailing fees for the return of the exam (if the test is paper). It is the student’s responsibility to pay these fees.
  3. If taking a proctored exam at one of the pre-approved locations is not possible, students may request to test at a new location. The location cannot be a library. It can be an university; we have also worked with Sylvan Learning Centers within the US, and British Councils internationally.
  4. If the test is online, and if your instructor allows, you may test through Please verify with your instructor. Just because the class is an online class, does not mean the test is online - it may be a paper test. NOTE, if you are taking an exam in China, due to the firewall restrictions, you will not be able to use this service.
    • Get permission from your instructor.
    • Create an account at
    • It is the student’s responsibilities to pay proctoring fees to
    • Fill out a Proctored Exam Application. Please complete all information in the required fields. Use one application for each exam.
    • Put “ProctorU” for the “Proposed Proctor's Email Address”
    • You will not receive a confirmation from ProctorU, as you would if you were testing at an approved testing center.
    • UT Dallas Testing Center will set up the exam with ProctorU. This will be within 4-5 days of the first day of the testing window.
    • UT Dallas Testing Center will let the student know when the test is available to schedule an appointment
    • The student will schedule an appointment with ProctorU
    • The student is also responsible for making sure their device meets the technical requirements of ProctorU
    • The student is responsible for taking the test at the scheduled time.
  5. If you are taking a test at an approved testing site or have had a new testing site approved:
    • Complete and submit a Proctored Exam Application.
      Please complete all information in the required fields. Use one application for each exam. The email address that you put in the “Proposed Proctor's Email Address” field is the email address the proctor confirmation will be sent to.
    • The proctor will receive an email with a link to complete a Proctored Confirmation Form. This is how we receive the testing center information (it is our protocol to receive their information this way - it helps with the documentation process).
    • Once the proctor submits their Proctored Confirmation Form, the student will receive an email from the UT Dallas Testing Center informing them of their proctor’s confirmation.
    • It is the student's responsibility to contact their proctor if they do not receive this confirmation within 2 weeks. If the proctor does not confirm the test will not be available for the student on the proposed test date.
    • Once the UT Dallas Testing Center has received the proctor's confirmation, the application process is complete and the test/test information will be sent to the proctor 4-5 days prior to your exam date.
  6. The UT Dallas Testing Center will contact your proctor via the UT Dallas Testing Center Exam Download Page.
    • This will generate an email to the proctor.
    • The email will come from the [email protected] email address
      and the subject will be "Download Instructions: UT Dallas Proctored Exam."
    • The email will have the instructions for the proctor to access the test materials. The test materials will include a cover sheet packet with all the instructions and the test/test information.(See Proctor regulations and Procedures for: Online and Paper)
    • NOTE, If you are taking an exam in China, due to the firewall restrictions, you will need to make sure that your proctor has added the [email protected] email address to their safe list. The test materials may come in an email with a subject that has [ENCRYPTED].
  7. If the test requires the Respondus Lockdown Browser , please download it.
  8. Take the exam as scheduled (within the required exam time window) at the testing location under the supervision of the proctor. The student will need to show a valid photo ID to the proctor.
  9. Both the student and the proctor will sign a document upon finishing the exam to certify that the examination has been administered and completed in accordance with the identified regulations.
    • If the test is on paper the proctor must scan the completed test and email it back to the [email protected] immediately after the test is completed.
    • The original paper exam must be sent back to the UT Dallas Testing Center immediately. Please have the proctor email us with the tracking number.
    • If the test is online, please have the proctor email the UT Dallas Testing Center with the signed cover sheet packet. This will confirm the completion of your exam.
    • If the test is a paper format, please make sure the exam is received at our office by the deadline specified in the course syllabus to allow timely grade reporting.
  10. Students will need to arrange with the proctor for the return of the exam if it is paper format:

    The University of Texas at Dallas
    Student Success Center, Testing Center
    800 W. Campbell Road, MC 24
    Richardson, TX 75080-3021