Proctored Exams for UT Dallas Online Courses

Proctored Exams

Some of the UT Dallas online courses require a proctored final exam. Students should check the course syllabus for this information. If a course does require a proctored exam, the student should follow the guidelines and procedures below.

Two Options Available for Taking a
Proctored Final Exam:

Option 1: For LOCAL UT Dallas Students

  1. Local students can take their exams on-campus at the UT Dallas Student Success Center - Testing Center (no fee charged).

    • Please be sure to view and follow the Testing Center policies and check the hours of operation.
    • Electronic devices and personal items are not allowed in the testing center unless permitted by the instructor. Lockers are available while testing to store your personal items.
    • To take an exam, a reservation is REQUIRED. Please use the RESERVE-A-SEAT application for that purpose.
    • Examinees for all UT Dallas-administered tests are required to show proof of identification. Sign in with your Comet Card or
      a photo ID & your UTD ID number if you do not have a Comet Card.
  2. Option 2: For DISTANT LEARNING UT Dallas Student

  3. Students who find UTD geographically inconvenient may use an off-campus testing service of their choice to have their exam proctored. See Procedures for Arranging an Individual Proctored Exam.

    • All applications and exams must be completed within the required exam time window as indicated in your course syllabus.
    • Students who elect to take their exam off-campus must inform their instructor and complete a Proctored Exam Application.
    • Students are responsible for any fees charged by the off-campus testing center.
    • All completed exams must be received by the date outlined in your course syllabus to allow timely grade reporting to the UTD Registrar.

Academic Integrity

The university has policies and procedures regarding academic dishonesty. Evidence of academic dishonesty related to examinations are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the university.

For questions contact the Student Success Center 972-883-6707 or send an email.