Quick THEA Test

Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)

Beginning August 26, 2013 the Quick THEA will be used for Teacher Education Program entrance ONLY.

The Student Success Center offers regularly scheduled Quick THEA.
If you have questions about Quick THEA, please call our office, 972-883-6707.

For complete THEA testing information visit the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) website off-site.

Prior to registering, students are strongly urged to take the THEA Practice Test and visit the THEA Test Preparation off-site  resource pages to prepare.

Quick THEA

UT Dallas Students who are currently enrolled in the Teacher Education Program can register to take the test through the Student Success Center, located in the McDermott Library 1.302.

Advanced Registration Fee $15, cash only

Test Fee is $29 – due the day of exam

  • Credit card (VISA or MasterCard only)
  • Debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and that can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN).
  • Bank cards without a VISA or MasterCard logo cannot be accepted.
  • Pay by money order, payable to "Evaluation Systems"
  • NO CASH will be accepted for the test fee.

Questions?  DROP-BY  or  CALL 972-883-6707
Monday - Friday  —  8am - 4pm

The advanced registration for the Quick THEA is 4 PM the weekday (Monday - Friday). The deadline is 24 hours before the test is administered. According to THEA regulations, for each of the following test dates, examinees must wait
30 days between each Quick THEA test.

Testing Room Restrictions
Absolutely NO

  • cell phones
  • electronic devices
  • purses or bags
  • food or drinks

For questions contact the Student Success Center 972-883-6707 or send an email.

Note: Examinees for all UT Dallas-administered tests are required to show proof of identification. UT Dallas is not responsible for items left outside the testing area.