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Required Participant Forms

Each participant must submit three required forms prior to or on the first day of each camp:

Required Facilitator Forms

The following forms are required for each person working with minors at a camp — this includes staff, faculty, students, and volunteers:

Child Protection Training

Texas State Law SB1414 requires staff, counselors, and volunteers of any camp involving minors for more than one day to complete child-protection training.

UT Dallas offers a Child Protection Training Course in eLearning for University camp counselors and staff, which requires submitting an eLearning Enrollment Sheet to Mousumi Tanha for access to the eLearning course.

Third-party camp counselors and volunteers must review the Child Protection Training Module and take the child-protection exam before forwarding your certificate to the camp organizer.

Once all camp counselors, staff, and volunteers have completed the training, please submit a copy of the Campus Program for Minors Form to both the Texas Department of State Health Services and to UT Dallas Residential Camp & Conference Services. The Training Course Approval Number is CPM12-0071.

Camp Insurance Program

Camp organizers, including educational and sport, are required to purchase special risk insurance prior to the first day of the camp. The insurance is available at very affordable rates through the UT System Office of Risk Management. The appropriate enrollment form should be submitted at least 7 business days prior to the first day of camp.

For more information on the Camp Insurance Program, please read the Camp Insurance Enrollment Instructions prior to filling out either a Sports Camp Form or an Education Camp Form.

Emergency and Safety Procedures

Camp organizers must review and discuss emergency and safety procedures prior to the start of the camp with the staff and at the start of the camp with the participants. For information about emergency and safety procedures, please contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Event Registration Form

Camp organizers must submit an Online Event Registration and Request Form to register each camp event with the UT Dallas Police to ensure the reserved areas will be accessible. The Online Event Registration and Request Form also ensures campus buildings and rooms will be unlocked and locked, handle special parking needs, and provide extra security if needed.

Residential Camps

For residential camps, please contact Residential Camp & Conference Services.