Single-Stream Recycling Program

Recycling is a key aspect for reducing our environmental impact at UT Dallas. Recycle bins are located on the interior and exterior of buildings across campus. UT Dallas operates a single-stream recycling program. This means you can place cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, metal cans, plastics (1-7), and unbroken glass bottles in a recycling bin.

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Special Recycling Streams

Printer Cartridges and Toner
Printer Cartridges and Toner

Printer cartridges and toners are recycled at many locations on-campus. Through a partnership with Staff Council, the revenue generated from recycling ink cartridges and toners goes toward the Staff Council Scholarship. If you have a mail or printing room where your office would like to host a cartridge recycling bin, please let us know. If your cartridge or toner recycling bin needs to be emptied, please email

Printer Cartridge Recycling


Find printer cartridge recycling bins in:



Printer Cartridge Recycling Bins
Building Bin Type Location
Administration (AD) Blue Bin Inside AD 2.406, the copier room.
Administration (AD) Cardboard Box Inside AD 3.204.
Administration (AD) Cardboard Box Inside AD 3.404.
Bioengineering Science Building (BSB) Blue Bin Inside BSB 11.102A.
Bioengineering Science Building (BSB) Blue Bin Inside BSB 12.102A.
Cecil H. Green Hall (GR) Cardboard Box Inside GR 3.8C1.
Edith O'Donnell Arts and Technology Building (ATC) Black & White Bin Inside ATC 3.105.
Erik Jonsson Academic Center (JO) Cardboard Box Near the doorway of JO 4.134.
Eugene McDermott Library (MC) Cardboard Box Inside MC 1.608.
Founders Building (FO) Cardboard Box Inside FO 1.206, the computer lab.
Founders North (FN) Cardboard Box Inside FN 3.120.
Karl Hoblitzelle Hall (HH) Cardboard Box Inside HH 2.602.
Lloyd V. Berkner Hall (BE) Cardboard Box Near the doorway of BE 3.202.
Natural Science and Engineering Research Lab (RL) Black & White Bin Inside RL 1.902.
Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM) Black & White Bin Inside JSOM 1.509, the copier room.
Parking Structure III (PS3) Black & White Bin Inside PS3 1.218.
South Engineering and Computer Science (ECSS) Cardboard Box Inside ECSS 3.909, the copier room.
South Engineering and Computer Science (ECSS) Cardboard Box Inside ECSS 4.909, the copier room.
Student Services Building (SSB) Cardboard Box Inside SSB 2.106.
Student Services Building Addition (SSA) Black & White Bin Inside SSA 14.431.
Student Union (SU) Black & White Bin Inside SU 2.506.
Synergy Park North (SPN) Black & White Bin Inside SPN 2.120AF, the storage room.
Visitor Center and University Bookstore (VCB) Blue Bin Inside VCB 1.120, the UTD Tech Store.

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Plastic Wrap

Facilities Management, through our partner Trex, is collecting plastic film in a few limited locations. If your office handles a high volume of dry plastic wrap, contact and we will provide a bin to collect the material. Acceptable materials include plastic film, plastic bags, shipping wrap, and bubble wrap. Once the bin is full, notify to have the bin emptied.


Any metal waste may be recycled at UT Dallas. Small amounts can go into the commingled recycling bin. Large quantities of metal scrap —with no hazardous material contamination— can be collected by contacting

Cardboard Recycling

The University generates large quantities of cardboard. Facilities Management will collect cardboard in the single stream recycling or separately, depending on the amount. To recycle small amounts, flatten your cardboard and place it next to any indoor recycling bin. Please let us know if you have a large volume of cardboard; arrangements will be made for a special pickup at no cost by contacting

During Move-In each fall, Facilities Management organizes special cardboard recycling to keep this material out of the landfill.

Nitrile Gloves

UT Dallas Facilities Management used nitrile gloves for custodial operations and sustainability projects. The transition from latex to nitrile gloves was inspired by the opportunity to reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing quality. All nitrile gloves from our respective vendor are recycled.

Electronics Recycling

UT Dallas offers a variety of opportunities to recycle personal and University electronics.

For personal electronics, the Sustainability Office, Office of Student Volunteerism and the UTD Tech Store offer e-waste recycling events throughout the year.

The Office of Information Security also offers a free hard drive and small personal electronics recycling opportunity (PDFPortable Document Format File). Items are shredded and then sent to a recycler.

For University-owned electronics, follow the procedures for dealing with surplus materials. Property & Surplus will pick up, shred, and recycle the wastes as appropriate.

Confidential Paper Shredding
Confidential Paper Shredding

Through Environmental Health and Safety (EH&SEnvironmental Health and Safety), confidential shredding is made available at a low cost. All documents that are shredded are recycled.




The University of Texas at Dallas participates in the RecycleMania Tournament every year from January through April. This is a great opportunity to track our recyclables and see where the University ranks in comparison to others. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to recycle as much as possible. This is a University-wide effort. Please contact us for any questions on how to get involved and how you can help.


Recycling Bins

Here at Facilities Management, we believe in customer service. We also believe in simplifying the recycling process to allow our customers (UT Dallas students, staff, and faculty) to maximize recycling opportunities with minimized efforts. With this in mind, we offer the following services:

  • Large Bin Delivery

    If you plan to clean out your storage area or office space, we can provide you a large recycling bin if needed. We will deliver it to your location, and we will pick it up when you are finished.

  • Hallway Bins

    Throughout campus, each trash and recycle bin should be paired. If this is not the case at your building, please notify us and we will rectify the inconsistency.

  • Blue Bin Initiative

    Blue desk side recycling bins are available upon request at no cost to users.

Please contact to request a bin.