Weekly Neuroscience Brownbag Talks

Mark your calendars and come join us for this semester's NSC Brownbag Series. All presentations will be held in AD 2.204 from 1:00-2:00pm, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments provided.





Sep 3, 2010 Jayme McReynolds Mysteries of the Medial Pefrontal Cortex
Sep 10 Jon Ploski, PhD How to Choose a Good Scientific Problem
Sep 17 Michael Kilgard, PhD The Science of Scientific Writing
Sep 24 Kamalini Ranasinghe Neural and Behavioral Discrimination of Speech Like Sounds with Spectral Degradation
Oct 1 David Pena Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Memory and Histone Acetylation
Oct 8

GR 4.301
James McGaugh, PhD A Look Back at Transformative Research Discoveries in the Last 50 Years
Oct 15 Meharvan Singh, PhD Neuroprotective Effects of Progesterone: Implications for Hormone Therapy and Alzheimer's Disease
Oct 22 Robert Sapolsky, PhD How to Give an Engaging Lecture or Presentation
Oct 29 Kyle Donowho Using Synaptoneurosomes to Study Stress Effects on Synaptic Plasticity
Nov 5   Society for Neuroscience Presentations
Nov 12   SFN Meeting - No brownbag
Nov 19 Clay Brown First Year Project Presentation: Nicotinic Modulation of Auditory Attentional Shift in the Rat
Dec 3 Eric Lovitz First Year Project Presentation: Changes in Hippocampal Place Cell Activity of Conditional Cdk5 Knockout Mice that Enhance Spatial Specificity
Jan 14, 2011 Dwight German, PhD Modeling Parkinson's Disease in the Rat, and Diagnosing the Human Disease from Blood
Jan 21 Kyle Donowho Effect of Arousal on Catalepsy in Rats: Examining Mechanisms of Paradoxical Kinesia in Parkinson's Disease
Jan 28 Van Miller, PhD Career Choices in Neuroscience: Considering the Alternatives
Feb 4 David Pena Pairing Vagus Nerve Stimulation with Conditioned Stimulus Exposure Enhances the Extinction of Conditioned Fear
Feb 11

JO 4.614
Paul Churchland, PhD You Are Already Cognitively Enhanced, But There Might Be Room for More
Feb 18 Sven Kroener, PhD The Effects of Drugs of Abuse on Synaptic Plasticity in the Prefrontal Cortex
Feb 25   Open
Mar 4   Open
Mar 11   Open
Mar 18   Spring Break
Mar 25 Mick Rugg, PhD Hippocampal Memory Signals: Evidence from fMRI
Apr 1 Will Rosellini, PhD Voltage Controlled Capacitive Discharge for Selective Nerve Fiber Activation
Apr 8 Francesca Filbey, PhD Correlates of Reward Processes in Substance Abusers
Apr 15 Jon Ploski, PhD Molecular Mechanisms of Fear Learning
Apr 22 Tracy Rosen, PhD Robust Cortical Responses to and Behavioral Discrimination of Compressed Speech by Rats
Apr 25

Jay Blundon, PhD Unmasking Plasticity at Mature Thalamocortical Synapses of the Auditory Cortex
Apr 29 Kimberly Huber, PhD Mechanisms of Translation-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity: Implications for Cognitive Disorders and Autism