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Teachers In Progress (TIP)

UTD has a great reputation for the content in its classes, but with many commuting students who often have family, jobs, and other non-academic responsibilities; it is difficult for some students to feel connected to others with similar career aspirations.  In education, the use of professional learning communities is a common tool for addressing this need on school campuses. 

At UT Dallas, Teachers in Progress (TIP) was designed to encourage, connect, and support UTD students interested in becoming teachers.  It also acts as a liaison between students and the Teacher Development Center. 

The organization is completely student managed and developed.  Meetings are held several times each semester.  Meetings are designed to provide the students with valuable real world information from the world of K-12 education.  Past meeting topics have included: how to interview with a principal, what to expect from a job fair, and understanding the PDAS teacher evaluation system. 

To receive a certificate of membership, members must pay their dues of $10 a semester and attend at least three meetings each semester.  However, the most important contribution of the organization is social connection.  Having friends who understand the joys and frustrations of your chosen profession is priceless!.