Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institute Registration

Secondary teachers of Advanced Placement classes can register now for College Board-approved professional development courses, conveniently located at UT Dallas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit my TExES exam scores to the Teacher Development Center (TDC)?
Students do not need to submit their TExES exam scores to the TDC. ETS (the testing company) will report your scores directly to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The TDC can view your TExES exam scores through the TEA website for recommendation purposes.
When may I apply for certification?
When you enter into the last 2-3 weeks of your student teaching, you may apply for certification, pay the certification application fee as well as complete and pay the fee for fingerprinting.
When will I be recommended for certification by the Teacher Development Center (TDC)?
Undergraduates: If you have successfully applied for your Texas Teachers Certificate with the TEA, you will be recommended for certification when your degree is posted by the Registrar’s Office (on average, 4 weeks after graduation). You will receive an automatic email from the TEA to the email address you listed in your TEA profile saying you were recommended for certification. Once you receive that email, it will take TEA 5-10 business days to post your certificate in your TEA account for viewing and/or printing.

Post-Baccalaureates: If you have successfully applied for your Texas Teachers Certificate with the TEA, you will be recommended for certification when your University Field Supervisor has posted your grade for clinical teaching (formerly known as student teaching.) You will receive an automatic email from the TEA to the email address you listed in your TEA profile saying you were recommended for certification. Once you receive that email, it will take the TEA 5-10 business days to post your certificate in your TEA account for viewing and/or printing.

How will I know when I have been recommended?
TEA will send you a confirmation e-mail once you have been recommended by the TDC. This e-mail will be sent to the address you have listed in your TEA account.
When will I receive my certificate?
Certificates are viewable online through your TEA account. You will not be notified once your certificate has been awarded.
Can I be recommended for an additional certificate(s) other than the certificate I am seeking through the Teacher Development Center?
No. The TDC only recommends you for your initial certificate. Once you are certified, you may add an additional certificate(s) through the Additional Certification by Exam option. Please visit the Texas Education Agency website for more information.
Why should I apply for certification if I don’t plan on teaching right away?
It is important to apply for teacher certification once you have completed all program requirements because the state is continuously updating/changing available teaching certificates and their requirements. If your certification track no longer exists when you apply for certification, you may be required to complete additional coursework and/or testing in order to be eligible for recommendation by the TDC.
How do I transfer my teaching credential(s) to Texas?
You will work directly with the TEA to transfer your teaching credential(s) from out-of-state or out-of-country.
How do I transfer my teaching credential(s) to another state?
Please check the respective state education agency website for requirements. Educator Preparation Program verification forms should be sent to the Teacher Development Center for completion. Please provide name and address where the completed form(s) should be returned.
Do I need to redo my fingerprints if I was fingerprinted as a substitute teacher?
No. If you completed Substitute Teacher Fingerprints during your Professional Development Sequence, then you have fulfilled the Fingerprinting Requirement. However, you may need to contact the TEA to link your fingerprints to your TEA Certification Application
Do you offer any teacher certification courses or programs online?
The only courses offered online are ED 4372: Educational Technology and BIS 4306: Strategies for Diversity in the Classroom.  They are offered in the fall and spring semesters only.  We do not offer any online programs.
May I take the TExES certification exams online?
No. Students take TExES exams at a testing center. Dates of availability may be found on the TExES website.
How do I renew my certificate?
Please follow the instructions outlined on the TEA website.
How do I become certified to teach in Texas?
Please follow the instructions outlined on the TEA website. A complete review of credentials is necessary for out-of-state teachers and teachers with certificates from other countries.
Can I become certified in a post-baccalaureate program if my undergraduate degree is in a different field?
Yes, the post-baccalaureate program allows students to certify in a field outside of their undergraduate degree; however, students may need to take additional foundation or content courses before entering the program. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.
How long does the post-baccalaureate program take?
Depending on the certification program and the student’s academic history as verified by transcript(s), some post-baccalaureate certification programs may require approximately 2 years for completion. Every student will need to complete a Professional Development Sequence (PDS), which may require 3-4 semesters. Additionally, some students may be required to take a semester of foundational or content courses to complete certification. Exemption from or credit for any courses is determined by the academic history of each post-baccalaureate student. Please contact the TDC regarding course questions.
Is the post-baccalaureate program also a master’s degree program?
No, the post-baccalaureate program is not a degree program. Post-baccalaureate students are classified as non-degree seeking, certification only. The program allows students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree to complete the required certification and content courses as well as clinical teaching (formerly known as student teaching) necessary for a Texas teachers’ certificate.
Why does UTD require early field experience for teacher certification candidates?
Early field experience is designed to allow professional education students to work in schools with teachers and students while becoming familiar with the culture of schools and their communities. State law requires educator preparation entities to provide evidence of ongoing and relevant field-based experiences in a variety of educational settings with diverse student populations.Early field experience is required by law in Texas and is an important part of a student’s professional teacher preparation. This experience of being in a school with a field experience assignment helps a student focus their inquiry and gives them an opportunity to learn from “best practices” (or sometimes even from “worst practices.”) This provides time for students to examine their own philosophy of teaching and consider the practices they will use in their own classroom. Students, benefit from the opportunity to examine schools without the responsibility of being “on the job”.
What should I expect from early field experiences at UTD?
Early field experience is associated with a particular course in any given certification plan.  Early field experience provides students with an opportunity to work with a teacher and his/her students as an instructional classroom aide. These hours occur toward the completion of the professional education course sequence, usually the semester before clinical teaching (formerly known as student teaching.)
Does every student have to participate in the early field experience requirement associated with the course? Is anyone exempt?
By law, every student must successfully complete the early field experience requirement. No student is exempt. Students who work as a full-time teacher’s aide in an accredited school may work on that school campus to complete the required field experience hours and fieldwork assignments associated with the course as part of the syllabus requirement for the course.
How do I receive my field experience school assignment?
Students are required to attend one of several field experience sign-up meetings the semester before they plan to enroll in ED 3342: Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers or ED 4361: Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers. In the fall semester, these meetings occur prior to Oct. 1, and in the spring semester, prior to March 1. All requests for field experience placements will be made by the Teacher Development Center, no exceptions .