The University of Texas at Dallas
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Teacher Development Center


The UTD Teacher Certification programs provide rigorous, university-based course work with extensive field experience, including student teaching or a supervised post-baccalaureate internship to students interested in making teaching and/or school administration their career.

The University of Texas at Dallas offers Teacher Certification options for both undergraduate and for post-baccalaureate students.


Undergraduate Transfer

Undergraduate transfer students should apply for admission to the University and then seek initial advising through their academic program. The advisors in the individual schools will explain the general process for preparing to become a teacher, but students must be admitted into the Teacher Certification program before they can register for most education courses.

UTD Undergraduate

UTD undergraduate students who already have a degree plan and are interested in seeking teaching credentials should contact the Teacher Development Center at 972-883-2730 to schedule an appointment for certification advising.


Post-baccalaureate students can take appropriate education courses for certification. For an appointment to have college transcripts evaluated by a certification advisor, please call the Teacher Development Center at 972-883-2730 for an appointment.